Welcome to Jessica Guéron fine jewellery.

With over 50 years of experience, designing jewellery, and trading diamonds, I am the second generation of gemmologist.

Israeli native, dividing my life between Tel Aviv & Miami with my husband Raz and my furry baby, Romeo.

On 2016, after 4 years of studies & teaching, I received my first degree and teaching license with the focus of Special Education & Learning Disabilities.

I have been working in the diamond industry for 8 years, but only in the end of 2017, I decided to follow my dreams and become independent.

I established my collection in the beginning of 2018.

A little more about me..

I felt a need to fill the void of AFFORTABLE jewellery. That can represent high quality and elegance without you thinking twice about expenses.

The line is a reflection of my own life experience and desires. It combines delicate, passion and edgy personality. But mostly, my jewellery collection is sexy and confident. Minimalism with a SPARKLE is the key to everything you want in life! 😉

At Jessica Guéron, QUALITY really matters. Every jewellery piece is beautifully detailed that truly makes it unlike anything else. I created fine jewelry with iconic design, exceptional craftsmanship and personalization.

I believe in EXELLENCE, every piece is being held for a thorough examination by me before it ships out to you, our customers.

Why choose me?

Working together with my family, emphasize the true foundation stones of my business:

Family, Friendship & Integrity.

I keep my costumers as close as my family. And you will be treated the same. Around the clock availability for questions or inquiries, free shipping & returns.

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